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iCars Taxi Minster on Sea
iCars Sheppey App view
iCars Sheerness App Booking
iCars Sheerness App

Our App is for you to order a Taxi from iCars.
The modern way to order your taxi in Swale.

No more not knowing where your cab is or how much it will be, track it on its way to you, and get a notification when it arrives, and a quote to let you know how much it will be.

01795 252525

You can call the office or book a cab using our app, select your pick up location, and tell us where you want to go, so easily with our apps.

You can save your favourite locations and journeys.

Working Hours

  • Monday - Thursday 7am - 12pm

  • Friday: 7am - 1am

  • Saturday: 7am -2am

  • Sunday: 7am - 11pm

Bookings outside of normal hours are available if booked in advance

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