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Community projects iCars has helped or sponsored recently.

01795 252525


It’s never exciting opening mail that comes through the door at our head office, but when we get a letter like this it’s one to shout from the rooftops!

Our Stuart donned his shining armour for this one, he took a lady from the Island up to Medway, Stuart remembers she wasn’t feeling very well so helped her in and out of the car and more!

The lady was so pleased with his service and the way he looked after her she’s put pen to paper and sent something extra aswell!!

Excellent work Stuart! Really shining the iCars light!

iCars - We go that extra mile

As lots of our regular facebook viewers know we have lots of competitions on our facebook site.

This gorgeous iCars Beanie was one of our prizes, we've also been giving away some rather natty mouse matts!!

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