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50% Discount with iCars

iCars have its eyes firmly on the environment and your finances, with climate change a big factor and the cost of fossil fuels, here at iCars we want to do our bit to combat climate change and help you keep more pounds in your pocket.

With that in mind, we are delighted to launch our new service iPedal.

We have purchased and adapted a lightweight 5-door vehicle, the engine runs on normal fuels, and the big difference is what we have added in the passenger section of the car, 2 sets of hi-spec carbon fibre bicycle pedals have been added, the idea is simple, Dan, our driver will use the vehicle, will drive you to your destination, and the amount of fuel used during the journey can be reduced by you the passenger peddling, the more you pedal the cheaper the journey will be, the maximum discount will be 50%.

When you call our number, 01795 252525 or use the app you will be asked by the controller or by the app if you would like to use the iPedal vehicle.

Our iPedal service is available from today.

We would like to put on record our thanks to the team at Ralf Pooli Engineering Ltd for their help in this groundbreaking project.

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