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Caring For Swale This Christmas

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to heap pressure on households throughout Swale, Swale Foodbank and Sheerness Salvation Army have joined together to launch a brand-new community project to ensure that families and isolated or vulnerable adults are cared for this Christmas.

Both charities have operated smaller, similar schemes in past years, but both realised that the challenge is greater in 2023 than they have ever seen before and by uniting they would be able to help more people than they could alone.

The Gift of Christmas will see the two charities working with a host of other businesses and organisations in the local area, making this a true community wide effort. The public are being asked for donations of finances, food hampers, and brand-new unwrapped gifts, which will then be distributed to those needing support this year.

iCars will be collecting gifts and food items throughout November right through to Christmas, if you would like to donate a brand new unwrapped gift, please hand it to your driver, if you would like to donate food items for the Swale food bank, there will be collection basin the boot of our vehicles, if you are going shopping and getting a cab with us, grab 1 extra item and donate it please to help those less fortunate than a lot of us.

You can find more details on Swale Gift For Christmas at

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