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Chaos On The Road Today

The Lower road has been closed off for through traffic for a few days so that emergency work can be undertaken, according to paperwork it is supposed to be two-way traffic lights, not actually a road closure.

This is obviously making Minster and Chequers Road route into Eastchurch very very busy, to compound the problems, Southern water have decided to undertake some repairs and maintenance on Chequers Road, very close to Plough Road, this is now causing serious delays for vehicles travelling between Eastchurch and Minster, as a result the traffic that usually uses the Lower Road or Chequers Road is diverting up Plough Road which is really not designed for the amount of traffic attempting to use it.

Neil, has rung Kent Highways to try and find out what idiot allows both main roads to Eastchurch to be dug up, his conversation with a them is here below.

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