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Don't Get Caught Out

We have some news, as you are all aware, iCars like to lead the way with new initiatives, in the past 6 months we have added a wheelchair accessible taxi at no extra charge for the user.

With that in mind, it is fair to say we are flushed at the thought of the success of our new venture.

From today we are proud to bring you something new and very different, but in our experience needed. Our team of friendly drivers have on a regular basis had to stop the journey and allow our customers a chance to nip out and 'spend a penny' at a suitable location. This can be time consuming and can add delays to customers whose journey is booked after someone is caught short, in fact it's fair to say on a few rare occasions, the customers have failed to make it to the facilities in time... leaving them with a bill for cleaning the car.

So from today if you are caught short with nowhere to run, then call iCars and we can bring relief in the shape of our iLav, the all new iLav, has proved to be a roaring success in Finland where designer Ralf Pooli has made a small fortune from the idea. It is quite simple, if you have overdone it on a few beers at your local, or are outside with nowhere to go and the loos are a rancid mess, then call 01795 252525 and we can bring iLav to you, inside you will find a heated seat in colder weather, ample supply of toilet paper and cleaning facilities, and for those longer visits, there is a music player, you choose the music you want as you do your business, if music is not your thing then there are newspapers and a selection of magazines, please note The Sun Newspaper will not be provided, in a recent trial in London far too many customers used it as toilet paper.

The fee is £5 for us to bring the iLav to you. wherever you are on the island, we may need to add weighting time if its a longer Session.

So don't get caught short call iCars on 01795 252525 and summon the ILav.

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