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It's Almost The Weekend

The weekend is looming large on the horizon, and the team at iCars Towers are gearing up for a busy one, lots of trips to the supermarkets, station runs and of course taking and collecting passengers on nights out, on and off the island.

It can get pretty busy over the weekend and despite having plenty of cars and out and about, there are times when we cannot get a car to you straightaway, the best thing to do is book your trips now, using our Apps or by calling 01795 252525, when you book your time, we can quote a price for your journey, and the quote is the price you pay, nothing extra and no less, of course you can choose to tip the driver if you want.

We are open from 7 am - 1am on Friday, on Saturday 7 am - 2 am and Sunday 7 am - 11 pm.

If you need a journey outside our normal hours, we can do it, but don't leave it to the last minute to book.

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