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More Chance With iCars

We are delighted to say we have recruited new drivers over the winter period. Something we found was happening before this was that we were turning work away as we simply did not have enough cars on the road, it was getting frustrating as we were telling customers on the phone that we could not cover the journey they wanted to make or the wait for a car would excessive.

Nothing frustrates us more than not being able to deliver the kind of service that you the customer wants, our controllers never like telling a customer that we cannot cover your journey or that there will be a delay to your journey, so with that in mind we have added the new drivers and new vehicles, and in the past month or so we have noticed the time waiting for a car has reduced and the amount of jobs we are unable to cover has also reduced significantly.

Despite having more cars at peak times, 7 am - 9 am and 4 pm-7 pm on weekdays, we do advise booking journeys for those times as quickly as you can, The mornings especially get booked very quickly, and if you ring us the night before to book a car it may prove difficult.

In addition to the new drivers and vehicles from April hour opening hours will extend, more news on that will follow in a week or so.

In the past month, we have had so many customers come to us because other companies just cannot cover all the journeys.

We will continue to find ways to improve our service to you.

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