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One Of A Kind

For many people who use a wheelchair, a simple task such as going shopping or to a Dr's appointment is a nightmare, bus services on the island are patchy at best, and the only other option would be to book a taxi and ensure there was enough space in the boot of the car for the wheel chair, and ask for assistance to get out of the chair and into the vehicle, and that’s assuming they can transfer these sort of obstacles can take away peoples independence, if your wheelchair bound, then the anchors are well laid into the ground preventing users from getting out and enjoying the area!

This is something that we at iCars were keenly aware of, and for the past 12 months we have been looking for a vehicle that we could use as a standard taxi, but with a simple adjustment could ensure that a customer could travel without leaving their wheelchair. After a long search we finally found a vehicle that would meet the criteria we wanted.

The car has been in service with iCars for a few months, driven mainly by Gary, and has been christened Daisy. The car is fitted with a ramp to allow wheelchair access, along with all the other standard iCars fitments, CCTV for your security, GPS Tracking, contactless card payments, and possibly most importantly a nice friendly driver.

At iCars we are the only company that we know of based on the island that have this type of vehicle in regular use, to book it call us on 01795 252525 and tell the controller that you would like to book our wheelchair vehicle, we do not charge any extra for this service you will only pay the standard taxi fare for your journey, nothing more.

Please bear in mind there is only 1 Gary to drive it and only the one vehicle currently, so if it may not be available immediately, so please book journeys as soon as you know when you need it!

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