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Summer's Here.

It looks like summer is definitely with us for a few months, last summer was exceptionally warm, and the heat can make life difficult!

Most of our cars have air conditioning, and chances are if it is warm it will be on, if it is then please do not open the windows, as this will negate the effectiveness of the air con. If it is warm we would recommend that you carry a bottle of water with you, we are more than happy for you to drink that in the car, but we do not allow alcohol to be consumed, it's a taxi licence we have, not a beer and spirits licence!

If during the journey you feel unwell please let your driver know.

You can book a cab on 01795252525 or via our apps, we have an Apple App and an Android App, if you are an Android user and you have not updated the app in the past month or so we would recommend doing so as the Android App was updated recently.

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