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Trialling a greener approach

While we look into green options for our cars, we are trialling a 5 series BMW Hybrid, its a lovely marque to look at, and if you ask most of the boys 'it drives nicely' aswell. It looks and feels comfy with full leather pack, heated seats and mood lighting, and great sound system. It took nearly a week to work out the electric charging system, and the boot doesn't even fit a suitcase, so while it may be great for taking Ethel and Charlie to Tescos, or a visit to Leysdown for you and the kids (Anything for peace in the summer holidays) getting you to the airport for your summer holidays is not going to happen in this car. Best we take you in the Audi, Hyundai, or Skoda estates, or one of our ford Galaxys!

Review on this so far, is its jolly nice but we don't think it suits our needs to look after our customers!

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